Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

There are various types of dementia, more commonly; Vascular, Mixed dementia, Lewy bodies and Frontotemporal dementia but Alzheimer’s is the most common disease.

Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease or a series of strokes.

Each person is unique and dementia effects people differently. The specific symptoms that someone with dementia experiences will depend on the part of the brain that is damaged and possibly the type of dementia they have but commonly starts with short-term memory loss, concentration, organising things, language, mood swings, they become frustrated or irritable, withdrawn, anxious, easily upset, sad, visual impairment and orientation, although some symptoms may not occur and some may develop. Dementia is progressive and symptoms will get worse as time passes. The vast majority of diseases or causes are not curable, although research continues and a lot can be done to enable people to live well with the condition.

If people are worried about signs or symptoms, a visit to your GP for an initial assessment who may refer you to the memory clinic, mental health specialist or specialist consultant.

People can live well with dementia and it is important to gain the information on resources and facilities that are available. We can help.

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We continuously adapt our care plan to maintain independence

Caring Crew are extremely knowledgeable about dementia with all support and care staff undertaking specific dementia training and a high number gaining ‘Dementia Friends” status, with a Director being a ‘Dementia Champion’ and also a founder member of the Peterborough Dementia Action Alliance and a member of the National Dementia Alliance. The director also sat on Peterborough City Council's, Dementia Steering Committee and assisted with the council and NHS to write the Peterborough Dementia strategy for five years and actively open Peterborough Dementia Resource Centre, in Peterborough.

We are well equipped to understand the issues surrounding each individual and how they are affected by dementia and write a person-centred Care Plan with the client and family, to actively support them, promote their independence and well-being and LIVE WELL. As the dementia progresses and symptoms get worse, such as physical, symptoms, weight loss, appetite, sleep patterns and hallucinations we understand that this may happen and know how to adapt care support to continue promote dignity, independence, well-being, to best support the highest quality of life whilst they can be safe at home.

If you believe we can help, need information or assistance, please call 01733 264113 complete the online enquiry form. We can give advice on the phone or we can make a no-obligation visit to see if we can help.