Live–In Care, Sleep-Ins and 24 Hour Care

There are times when you may wish to consider, either:

  • Live-In Care where the carer lives in your home 24 hours a day but sleeps at night.
  • 24 Hour Care The carer stays with you in your home but is awake at night to provide care and support.
  • Sleep-Ins where the carer sleeps at your home.

Live-In Care

The carer lives with you in your home but, sleeps at night and is provided with breaks throughout the days. This may be ideal for you as you don’t have problems sleeping at night and it’s not essential to have somebody with you all of the time during the day. You will require a bedroom for the carer. 


The carer sleeps in your home overnight for your assurance. The carer does not stay awake during this service and may only be called upon two to three times during each night, anymore and it’s no longer regarded a sleep-in. You will require a bedroom for the carer.

24 Hour Care

The carers (usually a small team of care staff) stays with you 24 hours per day and are available and awake 24 hours a day. This may be a necessity due to poor or irregular sleeping patterns, or care is required around the clock. It could be that more advanced care is required and could be either short-term or long-term.

You may consider either Live-In care or 24 hour care, due to dementia, Parkinson’s, one or more disabilities or frailty with risk of falls, confusion or limited mobility. You may want a sleep over because you’re worried at being alone overnight.

Care in your home is what we do and it’s our privilege to do this - our highest priority is the dignity, safety, health and happiness of our clients and their families. 

There is no place a person would rather be than at home and we can make that possible all day, every day.

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We'll discuss all of your options

Caring Crew will visit you to discuss what type of package is most appropriate for you. We will also talk to you (and family and stakeholders if required) about the essential times and types of care, what and when the carer will do the chores and when the breaks will be. There is usually a high degree of flexibility in defining the care package around breaks and this may be a suitable and cost effective way of achieving outcomes.

We will visit to discuss your requirements, what you want to achieve from the care and your desired goals. We will also discuss what you want, when you want it and how you want it done. It could be, for safety reasons that two carers are required at certain times of the day for certain procedures – don’t worry, we will organise it all. We’ll prepare a Care Plan with you, which will identify all duties required of care staff and how you’d like them achieved.

If you believe we can help, need information or assistance, please call 01733 264113 complete the online enquiry form. We can give advice on the phone or we can make a no-obligation visit to see if we can help.