Respite Care

Often, it is families and friends who look after people when they need extra care, from just a little to a whole lot more. Sometimes these family carers find it daunting, exhausting, frustrating and difficult, and often anxiety and depression kicks in.

Family carers need support and respite too, whether this is occasionally or all of the time. This can be when:

  • it just becomes too much
  • you need expertise when caring becomes more challenging in certain areas (such as dementia or mobilisation, etc.)
  • you have your own family and possibly children, who also require your time
  • you have to accommodate your own schedules and work commitments
  • you need a break
  • you need to take a holiday
  • you just need some 'me time'

Sometimes it’s vital that you can take time out and replenish your energy. Sometimes you need to know that mum, dad or children are being looked after when you need to be away due to other serious commitments.

We understand how difficult it can be to look after somebody, with no breaks, little guidance and support.   

Help is not far away…

Respite Care image

We're trained so you don't have to be

Caring Crew have care and support staff, who are experienced and trained to look after people who are elderly and frail, have dementia, history of falls, life-long conditions, learning disabilities, mental health difficulties, physical disabilities and if we don’t have anyone available we will train them specifically to look after your loved one.

Many of our staff have been with us for a long time and they can be trusted and you can be rest assured that they will provide high quality services which we have all agreed when preparing the plan of care.

If you believe we can help, need information or assistance, please call 01733 264113 complete the online enquiry form. We can give advice on the phone or we can make a no-obligation visit to see if we can help.